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Payment is in GBP with credit card and secure payment. If you wish to pay with Euros or USD, please contact, and you can make the payment through PayPal. 

The works are distributed by exhibitions. You can see the corresponding exhibition and the works that compose it, here, by clicking on the upper part, on the image of each of them.

If you wish to buy a work, you will see that each of them has a reference number, you only have to mark the corresponding reference box, plus the size chosen (in the case of editions that have several sizes), then you can add it to the basket, and purchase it.

If you want to buy more than one work, add one by one to the basket, not all at the same time. Mark one, add he item to the basket, and then add the other. Do the same with others.

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About Us

Francisco Nicolás

Artist and owner

Artgrafico gallery is created around the artgrafico print shop in 2015. The artist represented are formed by Artur Aguilar, Salvador Juanpere and Francisco Nicolas, three artists whose common ground is the digital print as a way to create their graphic work. 

Although the most important concept is the one that links them, some other concepts are radically different in their work. While Artur Aguilar works within a geometry based on mathematical proportion and pure abstraction. Salvador Juanpere is at the other end of the spectrum creating a sensitivity through the daily objects around him represented figuratively and extracting the poetry from them through painting or sculpture. Francisco Nicolas constitutes a bridge between both sensitivities. He represents the everyday environment through photography, intervening in it with geometry, creating games by using painted pictures and getting rid of the distance between the figurative and the abstract reality.

 Now Artgrafico It commercializes works of important figures of the international art scene, such as Picasso, Le Corbusier, Andy Warhol, Alex Katz, Miró, Manolo Valdés, Francis Bacon and Man Ray.



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